SEO, Troubleshooting, Traffic Generation and Retention Discussion Session

This session is only for persons who are already running a blog but need practical clarification as regards some SEO issues, settings and problems with their blog.

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In this session, you can learn about canonical URLs and how to set them, why some of your URLs and articles are not on google, and how you can solve these issues to get these articles indexed and available on google.

You will also learn about proper article structuring to deliver well-structured data which helps google to deliver rich results of your content pages. Google has moved interest to deliver rich results for search queries and this is made possible to its bots by structured data.

Also, persons who are already into blogging but new in the business but want to learn new ideas that could help them grow their blogs faster and also want to learn how to troubleshoot some problems that may be affecting their blog’s search visibility and ranking should sign up for this sessions.

This session could be physical at our office in Owerri or Virtual.

The session fee isĀ 5000 NGN.

Session Duration:
1hr 30mins for Physical Session.
45mins for Virtual Session.

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