Professional SEO Content Creation Class

One thing is to write but another is for what you have written to be found on search engines; yet another is for that which you have written to rank on the first page for a query with good search volume.

No matter how good or creative you are as a writer, if you do not learn and understand the technicalities of ranking a blog post for a search query you may end up creating a blog only you, your family, and a few well-wishers will read and you certainly will not make money from this.

When you sign up for our Professional SEO Content Creation Class, you will learn how to create articles that rank on the first page of Google for relevant search queries and understand how search engines rank content. You can take advantage of this to grow your own business or deliver better blog articles for your clients.

This is a Virtual Class. There have to be at least 3 people signed up before we host one.

The training fee is 15,000 NGN and our class capacity is 4 persons per session.

Training Duration: 2 Days.

Fill out the form below once you’ve completed the payment. Please keep a screenshot of your payment proof as it will be needed.

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Once the payment form is submitted, we will contact you within a short time through email or phone.