Professional Keyword Research for Profit Class

Keyword research is a very critical aspect of blogging. This helps you find topics that will pay you more and topics that will help you drive more customers and buyers of your products free from major search engines.

As a blogger, you shouldn’t just think up topics and begin to write. You have to be sure that these topics are exactly what people are searching for and also find out how much you can potentially make from creating such content. This is why a blog of 100 keyword articles can generate revenue more than a blog of 1000 non-keyword articles.

Our Professional Keyword Research for Profit Class will cover everything you need to know about keyword research and how this can skyrocket your blog income.

This is a Virtual Class. There have to be at least 3 people signed up before we host one.

The training fee is 15,000 NGN and our class capacity is 12 persons per session.

Training Duration: 2 Days.

Fill out the form below once you’ve completed the payment. Please keep a screenshot of your payment proof as it will be needed.

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Once the payment form is submitted, we will contact you within a short time through email or phone.