Pro Blog Set-up and Design

Buying a domain name, hosting it, and installing WordPress are not enough.

Installing a beautiful theme and downloading countless plugins may be the technical error that will hold your blog down for a long time.

Having a successful blog first starts from your choice of hosting, choice of theme, and the technical SEO settings which you should take care of first even before writing your introductory post.

At Webinet Resources our team of experienced blog designers will take this task off your shoulders. We will not only design and set up your blog, we will also take care of all the technical SEO settings to make sure your blog starts off on rich soil.

Service Fee is 49,999 NGN and delivery is within 7days.

Fill out the form below once you’ve completed the payment. Please keep a screenshot of your payment proof as it will be needed.

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Once the payment form is submitted, we will contact you within a short time through email or phone.