Complete Professional Blogging Class

In our professional blogging class, you will learn everything it takes to start, set up and run a professional blog profitably.

The class covers in full details;

  • Blog Launching, Set up and Design
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Traffic generation and Visitor Retention Strategies
  • Blog Monetization (Full Course)

After the class, you have access to constant follow-up with us until you make at least your first $100 from the blog.

This is a physical class and it takes place at our office in Owerri. We do not have virtual classes and courses at the moment.

You will get a free copy of our AdSense income guide, CoDe CRACK.

The training fee is 50,000 NGN 30,000 NGN and our class capacity is 4 persons per session.

Training Duration: 5 Days.

Fill out the form below once you’ve completed the payment. Please keep a screenshot of your payment proof as it will be needed.

Once the payment form is submitted, we will contact you within a short time through email or phone.